Cordoba C5 Classical Acoustic GuitarThe Cordoba C5 is a classical 6-string full size acoustic guitar. It’s been delicately handcrafted in the Spanish tradition. It’s made with beautiful wood including a rosewood fingerboard and rosewood binding, cedar top and mahogany for the back and sides.

It can be purchased with or without the custom made gig bag. The guitar is lightweight and has a nut width of 52mm. It’s full-sized with a 650mm scale length.

The C5 is a stage ready guitar but also great for students. It has a warm tone to it that makes it a wonderful acoustic guitar to play. Not only does it sound great but looks elegant as well. The classical design and natural wood really make it stand out from the rest.

The C5 Acoustic Classical Guitar is handcrafted by Cordoba Guitars. Cordoba has been operating for over 15 years and seeks to combine traditional handcrafted designs while including modern advancements. They keep their guitars lightweight and authentic with a strong focus on quality.

Superior Sound

The C5 has been described as having a warm, round sound. You’ll love the sound of it whether you’re a first time guitar player or a seasoned professional. The sound is rich and deep and is comparable to and even surpasses the quality of much more expensive guitars.

I plucked one string and something clicked. I played for less than 20 seconds and both my wife and myself were stunned at the sound quality and projection. This was even with old, worn strings on it… more

Value For Money

Quite simply the C5 Classical Guitar has the best sound and quality in its price range. It competes with more more expensive guitars and matches them for volume, tone and timbre. Many musicians who have used high-end equipment say they are surprised that this guitar is so cheap.

I’ve been playing guitar for more than three years. Previously I owned a more expensive guitar, mainly Admira. Cordoba C5 is cheaper, but I should say it sounds awesome. This is an excellent choice for such money… more

Quality Craftsmanship

The Codoba C5 is handcrafted and very well made. Like most of the guitars in the US it is made in China. This does not mean it’s shoddy work though, just the opposite. A lot of attention to detail goes into the crafting of every acoustic guitar. The label for place of manufacture can be found near the front fingerboard on the inside. High grade strings and wood are used which give it a rich and deep sound.

Yes, it is made in China and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Rich, deep tones. Adjustable neck tension, for climate changes or personal taste. Quality at an affordable price… more

Looks Gorgeous

When it comes to acoustic guitars it’s not all about the sound. It needs to look good too. You want to buy a guitar that you’re proud to own and be seen with, especially if you’re performing. On all accounts this Cordoba Classical Guitar looks stunning. The wood looks beautiful and blends seamlessly together.

 Beautiful both to the ears and eyes. The sound is absolutely beautiful as well as the look of the guitar… more

Passes The ‘I Can’t Put It Down’ Test

Musicians say once they start playing this guitar they just can’t put it down. It has a lot to do with the sound but also the beautiful classical design and gorgeous combination of woods.

It has an unimaginable tone that projects like no other guitar that I’ve played. I’m not sure what to call the opposite of buyers remorse, but months later, I still can’t put this guitar down and I revel daily in the memory of its bargain price… more


Lightweight with nylon strings
Comes with a solid Canadian cedar top
Beautiful mahogany back and sides
Rosewood fingerboard
Handmade in the Spanish style
Available with custom made gig bag

Pros & Cons

Looks beautiful, is lightweight, has a gorgeous sound, very affordable, great quality for the price.

There aren’t many cons but just bear in mind that this is an entry level guitar and will lack some of the sound complexity of higher priced models. It will also go out of tune more quickly than premium guitars, but again that’s not really a fair comparison as the C5 beats anything in it’s price range.

What Others Are Saying

 After shopping around for a nylon string guitar that suits my playing style of medieval, renaissance, and celtic music, I found the C5 to be on the top. I was looking for a guitar that was not only good in tone but also comfortable in playability… more

The guitar is beautiful and has an amazing sound! It arrived quickly in great condition. I was very… more

Recommendation & Price

The Cordoba C5 Acoustic Classical Guitar with nylon strings is highly recommended due to its beautiful design, rich sound and low price compared to the quality. The best price is on Amazon and is currently available for a discount here. Buy The Cordoba C5 Acoustic Guitar